Tuesday, September 11, 2007

fashionCEO new format

It's been busy around the fashionCEO HQ. I am busy working on a new format for the main fashionCEO site. The new format is going to be great, I can't wait to show it to you all. But please bare with me as my posting has slowed down just a bit. But I'm not going anywhere, so planning some exciting new stuff for the main site and the fashionCEO blog! I'll keep you posted (pun intended!)


Nish said...

Hi Susan,
Can't wait to see your new website format! And thank you for your response on 9/9 to my question about quality handbag manufacturers. The handbags that I'm in the near stages of developing (I'm in the sketching phase right now) are not leather - they'll be fabric, hopefully a type of silk fabric, for example. I'm completely new to the handbag design world, and in fact I'm not even in it to try to be the next Coach or Gucci - I'd love to have a fairly successful business - OR at least make a bit to pay off my student loans! hehe

Anyway, my next question is how to go about getting a handbag manufactured overseas. I saw your earlier posting about contacting Joanna at IBC, and I will definitely do that, but my questions are:

1) I have (what I think is) a somewhat complicated design, so should I get my pattern done by Manolucci, but then give that pattern to an overseas manufacturer? This way I can work the details out on the telephone with someone who I know I can communicate with.

2) How do the manufacturers in China really know what you want? It seems like with Manolucci you have to provide them with the fabric you want - how does that work with manufacturers in China?

3) Do you know anything about the duty costs and how that works? (I'll ask Joanna about this, but in the meantime I wondered if you'd have any insight.)

I know this is a lot to throw at you, but if you happen to have time to address any or all of these questions, that would be awesome!

Thank you again!

Nish said...

Really - just a few more questions on "marketing" a handbag, and then I'll leave you alone!

1) When trying to get your handbag in a boutique, do you usually only get paid when the bags sell? Or does the boutique pay you for the bags up front?

2) Would a store like Target ever buy the actual "design" of a handbag (i.e., they'd own that design) from a designer? Or do they only place orders?

Thank you!

Susan Osborne said...

Hi Anisha,
Thank you for your questions.
1). If you are interested in manufacturing overseas, I would definitely talk more with Joanna at IBC. She is based in China, yet is from England. IBC works as your partner in the manufacturing process. They can help you get the pattern made and source fabric for your bags. My advice would be to talk to Joanna before having someone in the states do the pattern. It might save you money to do it that way.
2)Definitely Joanna at IBC can help with this as well. Typically you have a rep here in the states that can help you with a China factory. IBC is great because they are a California-based company actually working in China, so they really help indie designers with that communication to the China factories.
3.)I myself do not know much about the duty costs, but Joanna can certainly answer your questions. She is super friendly and helpful.
4) Most of the time, a boutique will buy your bags at a wholesale price and then mark it up for sale in their store. I imagine there are some stores that sale on consignment, but in general, they buy the bags from you up front at a wholesale price. Keep in mind, they will probably double the wholesale price to determine their retail price.
5) I'm not really sure if Target would buy a designer's "design". They are so huge, that I would imagine that would be a tough nut to crack when starting out. But if that is what you want to do, I would do more research.

I hope that helps!

Good luck!

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