Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is it December already?

I told you the new fashionCEO site would be up the week of October 29th. Okay, so its a little behind schedule. Its taking a tad more time as we get the new format up and running. Thanks for your patience. Watch for an exciting new fashionCEO on January 1st.

If you are a designer, the new fashionCEO format is going to give you more exposure and opportunity to promote your line. If you run an online boutique and are looking for new, fabulous designers to feature in your store, keep an eye on the new format.

More to come very soon...

Happy Holidays to all!


EyeMags said...

You can see this blog on your mobile. Look at http://mippin.com/app/faces/jsp/getMippin.xhtml?id=5197 to see what it will look like and then go to your phone and type...


It's totally free. Hope you like it. Tell your friends if you do.


Anonymous said...

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